Home Sleep Testing

What is Home Sleep Testing (HST)?

Home sleep testing is a tool for sleep physicians to use to evaluate patients that present with symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  The goal of HST is to help the physician provide the fastest, most cost efficient and effective diagnosis and management of OSA.  The HST involves providing the patient a portable sleep testing device to wear during the night outside of the sleep center.  The patient or the sleep technologist must attach sensors to the patient and connect them to the recording device.  The device collects physiological signals during the night, and is returned to the center the next day for scoring and physician interpretation.

The Santa Barbara Sleep Clinic utilizes the Respironics Alice NightOne recorder as well as the Stardust II recorder.  Patients scheduled for HST will meet on an individual basis with the technologist to provide patient education which includes a discussion of what is measured during the test as well as what the test does not measure. The technologist will also discuss treatments for OSA.  Written instructions will be provided to the patient regarding connection of several sensors and a hands-on face-to-face demonstration will also be provided.

For further information, please watch the YouTube video (below) which shows a patient connecting himself to the Alice NightOne recorder and Stardust recorder for his home sleep study.  A 24-hour on-call telephone number will also be provided to all patients undergoing HSTs in case of equipment questions.

Alice NightOne:  https://youtu.be/Fr6DnNLhHns

Stardust II:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OalyGp3E6ZI